Gulf Shores: November 2006

2:03 AM

Holiday pinellas country

Planning your vacation with your family or for a honeymoon holiday, Pinellas country is one of a best place to consider for your vacation. Its is located at gulf of mexico and best known for it clearwater beaches where you can relax along the white sand beaches, enjoy fishing or boating.

In March this year my wife and myself spend our holiday over there. We have a wonderful time there spending most of time at the beaches, enjoying our seafood meals in some of the beautiful and nice view restaurant with live enterainment. Viewing the sunset along the gulf shores.
11:30 PM

Summer vacation at gulf shores

Having a vacation in Florida as the beaches is not very far away from the hotels and the shopping areas. Along the beaches you can see beach umbrellas shading people from the hot noon, beautiful ladies with their fancy swim suit and bikini and children building sand castle. The temperature is pleasurable year rounda sugar-white sandy beach with a golden sunset. The warm water and sea air will refresh your spirit, and a swim with the dolphins, a game of tennis or golf. There are many restaurant in Florida where you can get your food to your taste.

Another place for your vacation is at Alabama Gulf Coast or orange beach where you can easily get a tour which covers resorts and hotels including your vacation rental needs. During summer in july beause of the long holidays there will be alot of traffit and the holiday crowds will jammed Alabama Gulf beaches. The trip is more expensive on that time but is worth your money as you can vitness a lot of events held on that time.