Gulf Shores: Gulf Shores : Earthquake Rattles Central Florida

2:24 AM

Gulf Shores : Earthquake Rattles Central Florida

An earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico over the weekend sent tremors all the way to Central Florida, rattling nerves and sparking fears of a tidal wave.

The quake hit Sunday morning and registered 6.0 on the Richter scale.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), the quake was centered to the west of Ft. Myers and south of the Panhandle at 26.339°N, 86.568°W, at a depth 10 km (6.2 miles).
That puts it 250 miles from Anna Maria, Florida, 251 miles from Holmes Beach, Florida and 260 miles from Clearwater, Florida.

However, there are no reports of any major damage.

There were briefly some fears about a tidal wave, but the government quickly said the quake was too small to produce a tsunami.

Geologists say quakes are not unheard off near Florida but they are very rare.

"What you're having here is you get residual stress in the middle of these plates, and that relieves itself with earthquakes,” geologist Dr. Dan Britt said. “These things build up very slowly, and then you get a quick release from the earthquake. But this doesn't happen very often."

Scientists recorded some seismic activity in the same area of the gulf in recent months.

In Brevard County, folks who lived through our hurricanes say this earthquake pales in comparison.

Linda Marie Tisdail though says she felt her couch shake Sunday when the quake hit. Tisdail used to live in California, so she wasn't completely caught off guard by the trembling.
Tisdail says while her family did feel Sunday's earthquake, none of her neighbors did.

There were also reports of pictures falling off the wall in one part of the Space Coast, but no major damage was reported. One Lake County family says they have proof Sunday's earthquake did cause at least some minor damage.
The Addison family says hairline cracks on the pool deck actually got bigger following the quake, and cracks appeared on the family's driveway that weren't there at all.

The family says the whole thing was surreal. “It woke me from a sound sleep,“ MichelleAddison said. “ I just immediately jumped up and my reaction was to run outside. My mom was out here on the patio [and] her chair was shaking. My husband came outside and we originally thought it was a sinkhole.”


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