Gulf Shores: Vacation destination in Gulf Shores

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Vacation destination in Gulf Shores

Clearwater is an amazing vacation destination if you are looking for outdoor activities that will test your strength and abilities. Fishing is popular with visitors since the Gulf is home to more than 300 varieties of fish, such as snapper, king-fish, mackerel, tarpon, red fish, and sailfish. If you prefer to head out to sea rather than fish off the pier, you are likely to find a charter that can accommodate your needs since the Clearwater Marina is home to the largest fishing fleet on the Gulf Coast.
For a personal adventure, find a captain who can take you to a private island where you can snorkel or collect shells. No matter what water activity you plan to partake in, Clearwater is sure to be an accommodating host.

Madeira Beach is the perfect destination if you are looking for a low key beach experience combined with a gorgeous sunset. The area is quaint, it is located near an old fishing village, yet you can still find all the beach activities you could desire. There are deep sea fishing boats, dolphin-watching cruises, and entertainment boats that leave from this area, so be sure not to miss out on all the fun. If you are walking along the beach, however, be careful since there is a large quantity of sea shells.

Tampa Florida Gulf Shores is a great destination if you need an action-packed, rather than the sit by the water, vacation. The biggest draw in this city is Busch Gardens, an entertainment park that combines the intrigue of a zoo with the thrill of roller coasters. For a more informative attraction, since each location is supremely unique from the others, deciding what you want to do during your vacation will make your decision an easy one. After you determine what you want out of your trip, look into lodging that accommodates your desires.

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