Gulf Shores: Gulf Shores : Gulf Shores volleyball camp is a hit

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Gulf Shores : Gulf Shores volleyball camp is a hit

Volleyball may be a fun sport, but according to Gulf Shores coach Wing Brett, it certainly isn't easy.

That's why Brett and the rest of the Dolphins' coaching staff hosted a series of free volleyball camps this week in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach. The first two camps were held Monday and Tuesday at the Bodenhamer Center in Gulf Shores, while the second two were held Wednesday and Thursday at the Orange Beach Recreation Center.

Brett said Tuesday the camps were designed to expose local youths to the game of volleyball and teach them the basic skills they'll need in order to become successful players in the future.

He said every participant had positive attitudes and appeared to be having a good time while running through the many drills that emphasized passing, setting, spiking and the like.

"I think they all had a lot of fun," said Brett. "They're learning the sport at their own skill level because we're modifying each drill to fit each person."

Each camp had about 20-plus participants, which Brett said allowed the coaches and counselors to offer each camper a little one-on-one instruction. He said most of the youngsters showed considerable improvement from the beginning of each session to the end, and from each day to the next.

"A lot of it's learning the form," said Brett. "Once you learn the correct form your skills will improve."

Next month, Brett will host the annual Gulf Shores High School Volleyball Camp for fifth- through eighth-grade girls. The camp will take place July 17-20 and run from 8:30-11:30 a.m. The cost is $60 per camper.



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